My Trip to Italy: Part One

My parents and I took a trip to Italy this past summer.  I had been in Milan the year before, and with just a taste, I had fallen in love and began begging to go back to explore new cities.  On our return trip, we visited a multitude of places: one of which being Sicily.  We stayed in Taormina, a beautiful town on the east coast of the island, and took a day trip to Isola di Ortigia, a small island that is the historical centre of Siracusa.

Since our trip was quite long and expansive, I am dividing the trip into multiple posts.  This first post documents my first day on Sicily, in Taormina.

Taormina was the perfect place to start off our trip.  Being a hilltop town overlooking the water and Mount Etna, an active volcano, Taormina had breathtaking views.  The food in Sicily was exquisite.  While each place in Italy has its own variations in food, especially in pastas, Sicily is especially unique because, as a result of the Arab invasions, it has Arabian influences.

Also, fun fact, the pesca tabacchiera is a variety of peach that used to only grow on the slopes of Mount Etna.  It is now one of my favorite fruits, besides the fact that I sadly cannot purchase it in the States.


My father and I sitting in the Teatro Antico di Taormina (pictured below), an ancient Greco-Roman theatre that is still in use today.


A close up of my shoes, one of my favorite pairs.  Isn’t the pattern incredible?  I had to bring these espadrilles along for this reason.  I thought they couldn’t be more appropriate!


The view from my favorite restaurant of the trip.  The dish I had was so incredible that it made me tear up.


The signature cocktail of the area, the Etna spritz, matched my dress perfectly.


The view from my hotel room.


Outfit Details:

Similar Dress #1

Similar Dress #2

Similar Dress #3

Similar Dress #4



4 thoughts on “My Trip to Italy: Part One

  1. Fabulous words and pictures!! Great good job sweet girl. Can’t wait for part 2!!!

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  2. Lucky girl!!! t. Leonie

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  3. Great job!! Thanks for sharing your trip & style.

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  4. Love it Aud! Well written and interesting.

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